That’s right! Throwback Hunt is here. This time we’ve thrown a curb ball to our merchants and had them come up with something using THROWBACK as a theme. We here at GGWH feel they did a pretty amazing job! Below are the stores and hints you’ll need to complete this awesome hunt. ENJOY!

#1 – A Glass of Wine, A Piece of Fruit and a Rose
#2 – No Hint Given
#3 – 17-26-33-80
#4 – PRIZE1: Will you marry me?
#4 – PRIZE2: These guys are too orange to be flowers!
#5 – PRIZE1:Punished or displeasing, a slave will find themselve’s chained to one of these
#5 – PRIZE2: Don’t stray far from where you land.
#6 – Look for the red flower, in the same color room corner.
#7 – Water…falls?
#8 – Search the water lillies.
#9 – No Hint Given
#10 – Sit and smell the flower.
#11 – Find where apples are made into cider.
#12 – Poor chuuby Meela!
#13 – Flowers are used for many things, but I prefer to use it for perfuming linen in the wardrobe.
#14 – Visit the doctor!
#15 – It’s the year of the Rat!
#16 – The bolts of silk hide your prize!
#17 – It’s time for a spanking.
#18 – Amaze your friends and family when you completely disappear!
#19 – I bloom above beauty dancing in the nite.
#20 – I’m really just a Teddy Bear/wouldn’t hurt a flea/but if you test, this ain’t my jest,/I’ll maul you like a grizzly!
#21 – Come on up and have a seat.
#22 – If you want to go up you have to use me.
#23 – I like to hide behind stuff..though I don’t texture change.
#24 – Its like shooting fish in a ___________.
#25 – No Hint Given
#26 – The Blood of the Stone will Roast you

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